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"Meet Me at Fisher's II"
"Meet Me at Fisher's II"
"Meet Me at Fisher's II"
Item#: F2
Print, Artist Proof, Artist Reproduction: 

Product Description
Print Size: 15 1/4" X 26" This Drive-In was located Springfield, Missouri at Sunshine and Glenstone in the late 50's and early 60's It was across the street from The Plaza Tower Theater. It was the second largest drive-in, in the state at that time. The ultimate place to cruise and hang out on a Friday and Saturday night. I used photos of cars from some of the actual patrons and used them in the painting. The original edition of 850 signed and numbered prints has SOLD OUT. However, I just released a 2nd Edition of ONLY 50 Signed & Numbered Prints. Also, I have 13 Artist Proofs still available for purchase & Artist Reproductions on Canvas. They are hand-highlighted and are larger than the prints.